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We are designers, makers, artists + explorers. 

Welcome to our world. Mike + I met many years ago in a college oil painting class, while studying graphic design. Soon after, we "bumped" into each other again in the darkroom while developing photos (yes, real film and yes, we did get some work done). And, as they say, the rest is history. We've been creating together ever since.

In 2018, Kick Spark Creative celebrated 25 years in business. Did someone say 25?! How did that happen? Graphic design is our core business, but our interests are many and branch into other areas of design, photography, art, making and exploring. Right now we're in the midst of figuring out how to self-publish a creative + curious book that we've been working on for the past 2 years; Mike has been doing large- and small-scale oil + acrylic paintings (and oh, so much more) ever since college; I have a new-found love for gathering and photographing all things flora + flotsam, and together we travel near and far to spark our imaginations, keep our eyes and minds open, and to capture images.

kick spark creative : graphic design + photography

It all begins with a spark.

At Kick Spark we embrace the opportunity to work with passionate organizations that seek imagination and creativity to strengthen and differentiate their brand. Big or small. Corporate or non-profit. Young or established. We love it all. Over the past 25 years we’ve been truly fortunate to work with many inspiring people and exceptional companies + organizations that are making a positive impact in our communities near, far and wide. Now it’s your turn. Let us help you turn your message into compelling visuals. It’s time to get your story out there, whether it’s new and shiny or a little dusty and needs some revitalizing. Either way, let’s do this thing!

Spicy Twig : flora + flotsam assemblages

A little bit about Meghan's newest obsession…

Over the years, I found myself drawn to sketching and photographing plants and flowers, but it wasn’t until recently that my flora + flotsam fascination came into focus. It happened on a trip to Joshua Tree, CA a few years ago. We rented an art studio for two weeks to see what we could make. On long walks, I began to notice the unique bits of windblown flora + flotsam partially hidden in the dusty sand. Everything had a lovely, muted, worn texture that can only be made by the desert. It told such a harsh yet quiet story. I started collecting and making assemblages so that I could share a little piece of that story. I was hooked – at home I kept collecting, but concentrated mostly on flora – in my yard, neighborhood, at local parks and on weekend excursions. I love that each assemblage tells the viewer a little something about a specific area or season. I’m passionate about art, exploration, photography, nature and movement, so I feel lucky to have found a new creative expression that fits me like a well-worn T.

Studio Go : art + making

Ready. Set. Go! The name for our backyard art studio was inspired by our mantra "Go Create". We make it a priority to step into our little art space as often as we can to exercise our imaginations with hands-on, get-messy art. Or, if there's too many distractions close to home, we'll pack up our paints + pens and fly them to a place they've never been. Wherever the journey takes us, we make sure to embrace accidents and spontaneous ideas, and are always, always learning.  

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