Share the love!

I hold Saint Valentine's Day close to my ❤️. Every year I count the days with childlike anticipation. Actually, I enjoy the lead-up more than the actual day because I can't wait to cut loose on handmade Valentines. Remember those boxes we made in grade school and all the silly cards we stuffed into them? Somehow that stuck with me for decades. I make them for friends and family, and my sweetie, but I also love to make anonymous ones and distribute them secretly. In recent years, I've carved out a little more time to play around with ideas that have been floating around in my head for far too long... here are some of the results. This year I started on January 14, hoping to make one-a-day until February 14, I haven't been 100% successful, but there's still time to catch up! Get out the scissors, paint, pens, paper, magazines, stamps, all the things you love to make with, and start sharing the love!

meghan crandall