LitterRobot Photo Shoot

We took some photos of our frisky friends recently for LitterRobot. Photographing cats is such a comedy of errors. I think both cats and humans had a pretty good time! Lots of giggling and kitty treats. We can’t say enough good things about LitterRobot. We were early adopters — got the very first model 15 years ago — and it is STILL running supremely well (with a recent inexpensive motor replacement). Yes, they actually have easily replaceable parts, so you can keep this plastic out of the landfill (and ocean), as it will potentially run forever (just think, you can pass it down through the generations :-)! And, you’ll go through waaaaaay less litter waste, which is another plus for the environment, and a bonus for your pocketbook. They are an amazing company with top notch products. Not to mention the cats love it. Here’s a few of the final shots.

meghan crandall